Childs Play

Nov 18, 2009
by: Becca11


Reflection on First photo!
Developing my first photo was a lot harder then I thought it would be. There are so many steps and measurements that you have to make precise. But it is defenitly worth it. The picture I ended up developing was the tire swing one the reason was because I look at all of my pictures and thought that that picture had the most things going on in the picture, also everything was in focus. But one problem that I kept having was that the picture kept coming out crooked on the photo paper. What I didn’t realize until then end was that the frame itself I think in crooked. But in the end it was defiantly worth it!!! But is seems like I have to have a longer attention span, which I’ll work on ☺.
    When I picked my final photo out of the four I developed I matted it. I decided to mat in on the white side of the board because I felt like my picture was on the darker side so by outing it on white it would lighten it up. The matting process was tedious because cutting the boarded of the photo to be even took a long time. I would take small little pieces off at a time because I didn’t want to cut too much off. After that it was a lot faster and wasn’t too much trouble.
    When I was taking this picture I was thing of colors that would be opposite of each other and would stand out in a black and white picture. So What I did was I took a walk in my back yard, which is covered by woods.  Then at he edge of the woods my mom had set up two tire swings. For a wile I walked around them trying to find a creative angle but I could get enough light so what I ended up doing is offsetting the first tire swing so it was off center and the second tire swing was behind it.


This photo is really

Submitted by Sydney1050 on Tue, 2009-12-01 15:40.

This photo is really interesting. I like that it is black and white which really appeals to me and I think it is overall a really nice photo. Good job!

 I love this photo.  The

Submitted by Nicole10 on Tue, 2009-12-15 12:29.

 I love this photo.  The contrast lends a nostalgic feel and the rock wall in the background is a great lead line and diagonal. The only problem that i had with the photo was the fact that the right side edge could use a little burning.  Other than that, keep up the good work!