China's Deathly Economy

Sep 16, 2008
by: erind

"China has the problems of any transitional economy," says Yanzhong Huang, a global health expert at Seton Hall University in South Orange, N.J. "But the deeper and more fundamental challenge China faces is a systematic lack of business ethics."

Behind bad baby milk, an ethical gap in China's business |

    A few days ago, a baby formula company based in central china admitted that they had added a dangerous chemical melanime that has caused major health problems of 1,200 babies. According to the processor Sanlu, the company added this chemical to boost the protein in the formula. China is an emerging world power, and the U.S. is feeling the pressure from the choices of this powerful and highly populated country. But although China has showed drastic improvements in their economic and government powers, what is this country willing to sacrifice in order to get to the top? This country has discovered a drastic and efficient way to tower over all other world powers; the rest of your country can be stepped on to create a building block.

Investigators say it appears that milk merchants, selling to Sanlu the raw milk they had bought from farmers, had added the chemical – normally used in plastics and fertilizers – to boost the milk's apparent protein content.

Behind bad baby milk, an ethical gap in China's business |

How many Chinese citizens will be deceived and will suffer from an economy that will stop at nothing to rise to the top? While the United States has a variety of problems, especially in a falling stock market, and a war with no end in sight, i surely hope that our country will follow the morals we were built upon. The Chinese are brilliant, and have created a power that no one can deny. But which is more valuable, lives or money?