Christian Hardcore

Dec 21, 2009

After our religion classes had to listen to recordings of the christian rock songs now in heavy rotation during school masses, some of my friends and I began joking about our school starting to include christian hardcore songs in the mass repertoire. Christian hardcore, for those normal enough to classify modern music into simple rock and rap genres, is a heavy metal offshoot, that derives its musical sound from death metal, but rather than satanic and secular lyrical themes, it uses the New Testament for lyrical muse.

It was only a matter of time before various heavy metal sub-genres started adopting christian themes because modern metal is usually associated with dramatic lyrical themes. Some kids that grew up listening to traditional metal bands liked the sound, but rejected the whole satanic image because of their christian upbringings. When they started their own bands, they used the traditionally brutal sound and delivery of the music to depict gospel images and themes. These bands are used as a form of ministry, intending to bring God into the lives of angry kids.

A Christian hardcore concert is, while being much the same, an opposite from your typical secular show. While moshing and shouting may still persist, and while violent rhythms and burning guitars may still burrow through the crowds' hearing like flesh-eating earwigs, there is also an air of holiness about the place. There is ministry performed by the band members between songs, and there is an effort to "lift up your brother, don't put him down," as P.O.D. says to their fans when the mosh pit breaks open as violently as a Northeastern storm cloud in front of their stage. A hardcore Christian concert is all about enjoying music and praising God, as well as trying to bring those who are in the hardcore scene and thus most detached from God closer to His will.” -Source

Although many see it as a joke, christian hardcore has steadily gained more and more radio play in the last few years. Because lyrical themes are not always obvious on first listen, many do not realize what they are listening to, also meaning the themes are lost on most.



awesome way to put it. i

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awesome way to put it. i wouldn't really consider P.O.D. as hardcore though lol. but still, well put :)

Dear Griffin, Your article

Submitted by robert.higgins on Wed, 2010-03-03 22:25.

Dear Griffin,

Your article addresses a topic that should make people wonder what is happening to music. You're last statement: "...many do not realize what they are listening to, also meaning the themes are lost on most." This Christian twist to many types of music destroys the essence and the message of the genre of music. Usually the lyrics reflect the type of music, or vice versa, but when a genre like heavy metal is taken over by a Christian band, it feels unnatural. To me, heavy metal and Christ just don't mix.


Robert Higgins

I personally have to

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I personally have to disagree with you Robert. You're very right, hardcore is an "angry" style of music. But God himself feels anger. According to the bible, God flooded the earth killing all but eight after the world became such an immoral wasteland. Also Jesus destroyed the tabernacle market in a fit of rage when he saw vendors selling there goods in a holy place. Anger is one of the strongest emotions that exists. I think that using it in hardcore to witness to people is a good idea. And if you think it is a bad idea, take a look at the following bands: MyChildren MyBride, Underoath, Attack Attack, August Burns Red, Bless the Fall, Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, Emery, Casey Jones, The Devil Wears Prada, For Today, Impending Doom, Sleeping Giant, We Came as Romans, the list goes on. All of these bands proclaim themselves as  Christian. Saying that hardcore and Christ don't go together is a completly inaccurate statement.

Devin Vermeulen