A Claustrophobia of Advertisements

Dec 12, 2011
by: IRonika

We are being “bombarded” by advertisement every where we go. We are being persuaded to get, buy, or simply follow things that we might not even be interested in. We are being “fed” these advertisements in our daily lives so we may excessively “consume” products at an extensive rate. You might ask how company’s are doing this. How are they pulling us to their products? I watched a great clip on what kind of techniques companies are using to get more customers for their products in my English class. The clip was from Frontline, which is a great site to go and watch a numerous amount of things you might be interested in. Companies think by accessing a persons personal needs and wants and “filling in the empty spots” will get consumers buying or following their products. We are being tricked into buying these products because of “emotional attachments” or “emotional bonds” or “emotional connections”. We are tricking ourselves into thinking that there is an actual “relationship” going on between you and your product. You might not even notice that these emotions are there, but if you pay close attention to yourself when buying or looking at a product, you might notice the things going through your mind. So, the question is are persuaders doing their job and tugging you towards their product through emotional needs, or is that just a theory that is made up and not real?

Here is the clip to get a better view of persuasion and how it's working: