Climate Change Impacts

Apr 19, 2016
by: swaseya

As a research topic I chose to study climate change and how it has differed over the years and the effects it has had on the world as a whole. I find it interesting that everyone seems to have a different viewpoint on what climate change is and because of that I want to learn more facts about climate change. From my past knowledge, I understand that it is having large effect on our ice caps and water levels around the world as well as influencing global warming, not for the better. It makes me wonder, with our environment changing so rapidly how will life adapt? How will animals adapt when their habitats are possibly ruined and they begin to starve? Another interesting part I plan to research is the different data of the environment from now, the past, and the predicted future. Are there things we can do to change the predicted future and make it a better place for our children? The effects of climate change are pretty scary and I don't even have all of the facts yet.


This is very interesting to

Submitted by slweyrich on Wed, 2016-05-18 15:10.

This is very interesting to me that you are not just studying climate change, but also the affect of what it has on animals and their habitats. Maybe you could consider talking to a zoo or a wildlife specialist? I know that climate has a huge impact on all animals so this is a very interesting subject to look at.

Dear Abby, I'm glad that you

Submitted by connorc on Tue, 2016-05-24 13:26.

Dear Abby,
I'm glad that you chose climate change as your topic because it's a very important issue that everyone of our generation needs to be educated about in order to combat the problem. For me, there is no longer a claim that climate change does not exist. It's clear that the climate is changing, as Al Gore talked about chunks of ice the size of Manhattan, New York falling off of Greenland, and about the steady increase in average temperature over a long period of time. The facts are undeniable, and it's important that we educate the upcoming generation about the issue in order to find a solution to the problem. Do you agree about the importance of everyone our age being informed about what's happening to our earth, and possible ways to remedy it?

Have a good one!

Connor Cooke