Closed for the Season By Mary Downing Hahn

Feb 15, 2013
by: 17zhul

In front of the Magic Forest it says "Closed for the Season". But when two boys ride up to it on their bikes, Author tells his new friend, Logan, that the old amusement park hasn't been open for years. The park in the sunlight is pretty scary, imagine it in the middle of the night. Author is sure that they can find clues to the mystery of who killed Myrtle Donaldson. And what happened to the money she handled as a head bookkeeper at the Magic Forest? The two boys begin their quest. They paid many visits before, but their last time would be in the middle of the night. And this time, they find the killer waiting for them...

An idea that was presented throughout the book was suspense. Throughout the whole book, I thought I was always caught in suspense because i was always turning the page as fast as i can and not wanting to put the book down. Also, throughout the book I felt very intrigued by the way that they author writes certain things, and her word choice.

The idea of suspense was a great idea, but I feel like it put a delay into the real action of the book : solving who killed Myrtle Donaldson. I loved the book but at the same time, I feel like I don't really like it because of the delays into the rising action. The story started to have a vibe of rising action in like the last 5o pages of the book. I read the first 130 pages basically for nothing because if I knew the action was only coming out on the last 50 pages, then I might've skipped around 50 pages in the beginning. But, overall, I would give this book a 6.3 out of 10 (10 being the highest). (The book has a total of 182 pages).