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Jan 30, 2015
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Is College Worth the Cost?

I come from the lower-income part of life, where everything over 200$ is considered expensive. I also come from a family, where we’re taught that “educations is the key to success.” But education is only free up until the end of high school. And everyone who decides to go to college are being overly charged for a higher education that does not guarantee you a job thats pays more than minimum wage. Or later even put you in a huge debt of student loans once you graduate. College just isn’t worth the price.

After graduating college, graduates search for jobs, and it becomes a difficult process. But why? Graduates pays for higher education, just to end up with a job that has similar pay to jobs that hire after high school. Its all seems like a waste of money, and time to have a college diploma that does not gets you far.

In addition to having a minimum wage job, most graduates still have to pay back all of their student loans.And for the ones that come from a less fortunate household, it puts them in the same financial hole.Just like my sister for example , Graduated from UC berkeley, but now works in a local starbucks, being payed maybe less than $10/ hr , and still have to pay back her student loans monthly. It makes me ask myself, how much does college really help?

Some people argue that you can get a scholarship for college, and jobs after college depending on your level of motivation, and\ or good work ethics. However, I disagree, because everyone that’s enrolled in college, had to be enrolled from motivation, and their good work ethics, as well as everyone who has graduated.

So why should we pay for college? If there’s no guarantee on a well paying job afterwards , and you end up working minimum wage, like high school graduates who didn’t go to college. Is college a waste of time and money? I know that i'm not the only students that's thinking this , there's tons of blogs and discussion with theses thoughts , like blog for example. Students are starting to wonder more , and more. But if we all have the same thoughts and problems then, Who really can actually afford college?


I like your essay because you

Submitted by hxu on Fri, 2015-01-30 13:01.

I like your essay because you gave lots of details and examples of how college is not worth.

I think college can help you

Submitted by bto on Fri, 2015-01-30 13:09.

I think college can help you realize who you are in life. For example, if you want to be a teacher, you can take classes and realize that you're not interested in teaching.
Tina and Shela: We agree because we don't want to attend college due to the expensive fees and knowing that we might not even get our dream job.

I agree with you

Submitted by ltramiel on Mon, 2015-02-02 19:15.

I have the same thoughts as you towards college education. College education is not worth the payment because its not guaranteed that the student understands what they are being taught either. They may be unclear of what they want to do still.

Hi aywilliams, my name is

Submitted by Andy Corbato on Mon, 2015-02-02 23:18.

Hi aywilliams, my name is Andy Corbato and I am a senior at Judge Memorial High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You have a great point in that college education is expensive and even upon graduation jobs are not guranteed.  I recently have been looking at colleges.  To say the least, the bills are astronomical.  However, eventhough college does not gurantee a high-paying job, but it is the only path to them.  It's terrible that the system is set up this way as it prevents smart kids from going to college.  I really hope that there can be change to tuition rates to give more kids a chance at jobs and careers that interest them.  Hope to see more of your posts in the future, you clearly are good at finding issues that are current and importance.


Lowering Tuition

Submitted by acorbato on Tue, 2015-02-03 17:10.

Hi aywilliams, I am a senior at Judge Memorial High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. You have a great point that college does not guarantee a good job. I too have family members who have been unable to secure jobs that utilize their degrees coming out of college. Currently, I am looking at colleges and the prices are astronomical. I certainly agree with you that college tuition must come down and give more kids the chance at jobs without crippling them financially.

Dear aywilliams, My name is

Submitted by angelinatermunde on Tue, 2015-02-17 23:02.

Dear aywilliams,
My name is Angelina Termunde and I am a senior at Judge Memorial in Salt Lake City, Utah. Looking into colleges this year has probably been one of the most stressful, hardest, and time consuming thing I have done all year. I totally agree with you that "everyone who decides to go to college are being overly charged for a higher education", it is absurd and utterly atrocious to look at the prices for college. Especially for the "top notch" schools that cost $60,000+ a year it just doesn't seem right or make sense. One of my teachers a few months ago was telling me that to attend our local university "The U" only cost about $350 a semester during her time period. However, i disagree with your statement "college just isn’t worth the price", without college we would not be so educated about different things in our world. I think college is the most important because it plays an important role on shaping who you are as a person. No one says you MUST go to the top college, attending your local university or even local community college which is more affordable and usually easier to get scholarships for is also a perfectly exceptional way to get your degree and not drown in loan debts. Also sometimes, I see that low income families with kids applying to college have an advantage because most of the scholarships going out to students are made specifically for the low income kids than say middle class. However, no matter, what when people see that you graduated from college with a degree they tend to look much higher than people who do not go to college (you can see this pay wise as well). We all need to keep on learning, not going to college is not going to solve anything it will hinder us more. It is important to get a college education and who knows if you like the idea of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer, etc. and can actually succeed in it should go out and do it because than you will not have to worry about making minimum wage.