Colorful Portrait

Jan 6, 2011
by: RobB

This is a portrait I took while exploring taking colorful portraits. This photo was taken in my school library. My goal was to capture Sascha in a colorful enviorment and make the color be the main section of attention. I feel that in this picture, my goal was acheived. The chairs are each bright and yet bold and I feel that when you first glance at the photo your eyes are directed towards them. Another interesting thing in this photo is the body language given by Sascha. She seems relaxed with her legs crossed and sitting on a chair. This makes the viewer feel relaxed as well. In order to take this photo I used easy mode on my camera and adjusted the brightness to a higher level.


I really like this picture.

SarahTL's picture
Submitted by SarahTL on Tue, 2011-01-11 17:14.

I really like this picture. This colors are so fun and i like how shes holding a camera and your taking a picture!