Oct 26, 2009
by: AllisonP

 I am exploring macro focus/black and white, and color splash. I am interested in this because because i really like the effects and i think it is very cool. 

In this photograph, I see crayons and a pom pom ball I know that this photo was taken at a Diabetes Walk at battery park, manhattan. My interpretation of this photograph is that this was taken in an arts and craft center.

It has been said that one photograph is worth a thousand words. This could be true about this photograph because it expresses feelings from others showing your mood from the colors of the crayons. It reflects my theme in that not everything is the same shape and size.

One thing that I know about colorful pictures is that there are many different types of showing this photography with color in it. One thing that I wonder about how many different kind of  color photograph there are. This makes me think of how people like to express there feelings with art.


This photograph was taken by ally803 and was found In this photograph, I see a bird, M & M's. My interpretation of this photograph is that this bird is going to eat some M & M's.

This photograph relates to my photograph because it is colorful and it reminds me of my picture. As I look at this and other photographs, my next photographs will be filled with colors and black and white. If I were to look up some information about my theme/topic, I would like to know more about why black and white pictures attract your attention.

Since you are reading this post, I would like to ask you are colorful photo's intressting to you?