Coming of Age (Three Stories)

Jan 23, 2011

It took me a while to think about the stories that I wanted to write about.  These stories were chosen straight out of my memories and are personal.  I picked the theme: "Coming of Age" because I felt like I could write the most about it.  I also got my idea from doing my college applications.  Shocking as it is, it gave me the idea to do these stories because I couldn't believe that I was applying to college already.  These stories basically describe me and how I grew up as I went to elementary, junior high, and high school.    

Elementary School

I was five years old when my mom and dad popped me the question: David, would you like to go to school? As curious as I was, I agreed to it without knowing exactly what it was.  A week later, my mom drove me to a foreign place in which she described as school.  I was a nervous wreck, when she told me that I would be staying there for a while.  As she took me to my first class room and attempted to release her hand from mine, I refused to let go.  I was afraid she would not return but what else was I suppose to think? I was five.  As I grew older, each grade seemed to pass by in a jiffy.  However I was always struck with the constant fear of advancing to the upcoming grade. This is because I noticed a similar pattern and that is that it would always get harder every year.  As time passed by, issues grew within my household.  My mom and dad had constantly been fighting unconclusively.  Every night I would have trouble going to sleep due to the noise that was continuosly being amplified outside of my room.  It was when I was about eight years old that my mom and dad finally got the divorce.  It was one of the most difficult times in my life.  Not only did I not fully understand what was going on, but because I couldn't do anything to prevent it.

Junior High School

Time was passing by quicker than ever.  I could hardly believe that I was about to step in as a freshman in Russell Sage, J.H.S. 190.  Once again the feeling of nervousness rushed through my body for I had not known what was ahead of me.  It was a fresh start as I was placed into the seventh grade.  I was given my schedule and was frightened by the names of the classes that I had to take.  I thought it would be much easier to go through if my friends would accompany me.  However I soon found out that barely anyone of my friends enrolled in this school.  I did however have a close friend of mine named Steve.  But as time went by Steve and I met new people and our friendship weakened.  Little did I know that we would stop talking to each other completely after we stepped into sophmore year.  I learned something very important in Junior High and that is that in life we would meet new people and the bonds that you will develop with them will constantly grow stronger.

The East-West School of International Studies

It was a struggle to find an ideal high school for me as all the good ones seemed to be so far away.  At last my close neighbor would inform me about the East-West School of International Studies.  When I first heard the name I was highly doubtful that this was my ideal high school.  However after going to the summer bridge program that the school hosted, I recognized that it was an amazing school.  I really liked the fact that it was a brand new school and didnt have a numerous amount of students like my zoned school.  I met a bunch of great people in the program which automatically changed my mind.  I would officially enroll into the East-West School of International Studies the second year it opened.  There were not many issues left in my personal life as I attended high school.  I was very appreciative of being accepted to even come to this school because my choices were limited.  As I grew older, it felt like high school had the greatest impact on my life because it had taught me much more about the real world and college.  Never had I thought that I would be applying to college so soon but it happened.