Commenting Helps with Understanding

Jul 23, 2014

Dear Future History Teacher,

I am delighted to be showing you some of my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer program. It is the “Courageous Commentator” that shows my skills. After you look at my profile you see that I have commented on many discussions. It is important because voicing an opinion is an important part of life and history. Without people sharing their opinion things will not be the way they are today. I have done over twenty comments and have been able to easily, put a well thought out comment on a youth voices post.

The Badge is about the ability to write a comment on other people post on Youth Voices. One has comment on a post and give helpful feedback or a nice opinion.

This work shows something important about me as a student because I love to share my opinion. I also love to debate and agree with people and disagree with people. I feel sharing opinion and giving feedback will help you with your writing and ways to express yourself. This badge will show that I am a commenter. I am someone with a voice who speaks with other with voices and that I don’t say quiet.

Four pieces of work that I have to show are
In each of these my user name is sauljcervantes

I have struggled when commenting on articles or post that were interesting but were short. I had to find a way to write a good amount about something that is not as detailed.

I don’t know what is my best piece of work from Youth Voices because I have done many. From scratch, my online journals and other things have all been thing I have worked hard on. It was a fun program that allowed me to do many things.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this work, and I hope you can see what this work shows about that I can express myself well and that I love to argue. I think that badges will help student to have a little more motivation.