Comparing Two Games

Apr 8, 2010


Not all games are the same. Some are video sometimes played strictly for entertainment .Others seem to be designed to teach students and players topics that aren't usually tought or experienced. While some are played simply for basic fun with friends and family. Whatever game it is, the goals are always the same: Try your best and see how far you can get at the game. Games are also meant to be entertaining because noone wants to be playing a game that is completely boring. Games are also made to be won, and trying your best to be the best. Personally, I enjoy playing more physical games than virtual games. Although my favorite games are played using the human body, virtual games that are played in a digital world can be just as entertaining and can lead players to have many hours of safe fun.

I occasionally enjoy playing video games on handhelds. My favorite games are Pokemon and I no game has ever been created that is better than pokemon in my opinnion. Besided Pokemon I also like to play Soccer, Baseball, Donkey Kong, Ayiti, and NFL 2K10. Anything and everything that can keep me entertained is always fun. I love to catch as many pokemon as I can and train them, I love going to the park and playing soccer with friends, and I love playing virtual sports. Winning at games is always fun, eventhough you always have to learn to lose. There will always be a point where you lose, and you have to get over the fact that you didn't win.I enjoy knowing that I'm one step closer to winning these games and get my money's worth when playing video games. I love getting closer and closer to being a winner. If I happen to lose, I do what any other player would do. I tell myself that everyone eventually loses and it's fine. Although I lose, in the end I come back to these games because they are fun, and it doesn't really matter if I win or lose in the end.

Recently, I've been spending some time playing the game Oligarchy.This is a game in which you have to Beat the game and help people recover after the end of world war 1. The goal of the game is to not get fired at the end of the game because that will be bad and you have to start the entire game over again This is a goal easier said than done. This is because the game does not tell you exactly what you have to do. The player has to figure out how to be succesful in the game alone. If you get to the end of the game you should tell me what it is like and what happens because I have not gotten that far in the game yet.

The first time you play the game, you are constantly asking yourself questions and questioning the game and how it works. . Players must begin time and see if they don't get fired. It really isn't until the third or fourth time when the game starts to get repetitive that you truly realize how to really play the game and that it isn't that easy. You understand that the situation is almost real, and it is critical for you to do well, the game does not give any second chances. You begin to look at the game as a real situation, which makes it a lot more fun.

There are times when you are playing this game that you want to quit. You don't want to because the game gets better ovetime and the layout of the levels can be changed. But you keep going because it is such an interesting topic. Everyone loves world war 1 and people love playing games about the subject. So you keep playing, keep trying. Trying to win the game and it is so much fun. You want to win the game and I can't wait to finish this game.

This is the secong game I have tried to play that has to do with real subject matters and not the fantasy stuff we play now. The other game I played was Mcdonald's. This game was really bad and I think you should play this game instead of the Mcdonald's game which was just bad. If you want to learn more about how bad the McDonald's game is go to my last blog post. It is called "McDonald's Even the game sucks". In conclusion, Oligarchy is a much better game than McDonald's because the player will have a much more enjoyable time. Oligarchy is also very simple and not as difficult as the McDonald's game.