Comparing two GAMEZ

Mar 1, 2010
by: agomez

Comparing  TWO games

        Not all games are the same .Some are board games ,video games ,E games etc...Video games are played by  many ages , from a 10 year old  to a teenager to a mature adult .The age limit has no end unless your a 50 year old senior citizen then that's just weird .But other than  age , when playing a video game , your mind wonders into a fantasy world where the player can be anything or anyone .Many of these games contain violence,sexual content,cuss words etc...and that is why they are each put in a category so that parents are not exploiting their children  to such things. Game makers are creating all these games in order to get the players to react in a way that makes them crave excitement ,skill,violence challenges .Whatever game it is ,the goals are always the same  reaching the highest level or just winning. As a young child i used to be addicted to playing computer or video games that had to do with  dressing up dolls or racing cars ,motorbikes . I remember how  i would spend hours  glued to the computer  not paying attention to anything else.Yet as much i loved playing computer   , what i did not realize was how much of  my time it was taking during the day .It was sooo hard  to quit , especialy when it was all i could think of doing when i was really bored .Whenever i played Hot persuit , i would feel a thrill that would spark inside of me .Something about the game wouldnt let me stop playing it .It wasnt long until my mother noticed that i had become to attached to these games and so shetook them away from me .From there i just got tired came up with other things to do.Up until this very day i have not felt the urge to play any type of game unless i am with friends or family who invite me to play for a while .When i  think  about video games or computer games  it  makes me think about all the time the person is wasting , and how addicting it can be .Whenever i do play a game for the first time i like to figure out how the game works on my own ,until i realize that its not working , so i read the  directions .Besides the fact that  playing games can be addicting ,what i dislike the most is how frustrating they can make the player .With that frustration can attract many  moods such as anger ,aggrivation , being competative etc...At  the same  time it can also release emotions through violence and such .There are times  when i games that make me soo frustrated that i want to quit .But at the same time i dont want to ,yet when i see the satisfaction my componet is getting from my failure  it makes  not want to give up  and keep trying .