Comparison of BFH and Aytit the cost of life

Mar 9, 2010


Comparison of Two Games:Battlefield heroes & Ayiti
by Max Labunsky


Not all games are the same. Some are  board games/e-games/video  games/computer games played for the thrill of being a character outside of reality. Others seem to be designed to create a basic chat room scene. While some are played simply for the addiction to win. Whatever game it is, the goals are always the same. To learn, discover, play, win. I personally enjoy playing games because of their amazing artwork. I also enjoy playing them because they are fun and in multiplayer games you can interact with your friends.


I am addicted to games that have a large community and an active digital trade:Some of these games are habbo, BFH and flight simulator. Anything and everything that describes these games are the massive community and trade of habbo, the intense battle and artwork of BFH and the beautful fun of flying an aircraft in flight simulator. I love to chat, fly and battle in these games,I also like to trade, I feel great when I'm successful in a game and I always try to help noobs,I also like suggesting and creating environments for these games in the forums. I enjoy knowing that I'm one step closer to victory and a trade monopoly and being a winner. If I happen to lose, I do what any other player would do. I tell myself that its just a game and to try next time. I often come back to these games to prove that I can win. I always remember, its all a game and I try not to be an addict.


Recently, I've been spending some time playing the game Ayiti: Cost of Life in which you have to work, educate yourself and improve your living conditions each season. The goal of the game is to complete your quest and to buy some good things for your home. This is a goal easier said than done. You must overcome famine, sickness and poverty as well as a bad farming season and bandits. By the end of the game, if you are lucky enough to make it to the end of year 4. You are congatulated and you see your family happy.


The first time you play the game, you think it is impossible. This is because your family gets sick and dies no matter what you do. It really isn't until the third or fourth time when the game starts to get repetitive that you truly realize that the rum distiller job and the "work hard" feature is what is killing your family. As you play this game you begin to understand that life in Haiti is not a stroll to the supermarket especially with the Earthquake which is not featured in the game, but you can imagine the game's conditions plus an earthquake. You begin to look at Haiti differently once you play the game, not as some far off place that you don't know, but soemthing you can almost experience virtually.


There are times when you are playing this game that you want to quit. You don't want to overcome another year of your family dieing and struggling to survive each season. But you keep going because you want to help your virtual family. So you keep playing, keep trying. You try to get money and to stabilize your spending. You want to accomplish this any way you can, either by trying a different quest, living quality etc; I tried really hard on this game. It taught me a lot about Haiti and I enjoyed playing it a lot. My metaphor for this game was "If you don't put your shoes on now, you'll put them on in the hospital later, keep walking".