Comparison of Copyright friendly sites.

Nov 18, 2008
by: tylerp

When looking at copyright friendly sites at i found a couple different things. My two favorite sites were Blue Mountain and Storm. I looked for nature shots on very site i visited to see which ones had the better ones in that area. They were both very user friendly and had pretty good all around images. Although out of the two Blue mountain was probably the best because i like the look of the site its self but it also presented the images well and had a lot more results than Storm did. Although Storm had some cool features like you could see what you previously veiwed in a sidebar so it was easier to see what you liked and get too it easier. This photo is from Blue Mountian:











 This is a photo from Storm:













I did find some sites that were not very good such as Morgue file and Fotogenika. The pictures on Morguefile were more amatuer and not as creative as the other sites but some of the photos were unique and fairly good pictures. On Fotogenika it only gave you links to other websites that were not great, so i stopped looking there.
This is a photo from Morgue File: