Confusion Creates Loss: Ender's Game Alternate Ending

Jan 7, 2011
by: 15BirsanC

Has anyone read this book, well if so you know that Ender is a 11 year old boy who turns into the leader of a fleet of star ships (inside of a simulator room, he never knew) and helped destroy the enemy, buggers. This war has been going on for quite a while, and he never knew he would end it. He was accepted into a school called battle school where he was training in space simulations and playing games against other armies. I can’t tell the whole story but this is just a part of what goes on. If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read the rest of this Blog. Thank you and hoe you enjoy it.


Mazer :  Ender, this is your final assignment, I wont go easy on you, and I’ll go all out.

Ender: I don’t care.

Lots of “inspectors” came to see what ender would do on the final test, they all looked very worried, Ender didn’t know why.

Ender: You ready guys? He said to his squadron leaders over the mic.

Squadron Leaders: Yes

Ender: Lets do this…

The formation appeared, and it turned Ender’s weariness into despair. On the screen, it showed glowing green dots everywhere. It was a 1000 to 1 situation for Ender. At least 10,000 Bugger ships and only 20 star ships. Ender remembered something similar that happened before, with the 2 armies versus his one army. It wasn’t fair and he wouldn’t deal with it anymore.

Ender: I quit.

He put the headset down and the voices of the squadron leaders screaming what to do.

Mazer: Ender what are you doing?

Ender: I’m done with this, it’s over this simulation.

Mazer: All the battles on the simulations were real! I never fought against you, you need to help the squadron leaders, those are real buggers out there, GO NOW, OR WE LOSE THE WAR!

Ender: Oh shiz *rushes*

When he checked what happened though, there was 2 ships left, the squadron leaders gave up too. It was over.

The buggers won the war and there was no going back now.