Oct 8, 2014
by: landayc18

Historically, my name is Irish. “Wolf kin,” “Lover of hounds”. Words like that. Silly. I’ve never really thought about my name before. I guess I just accepted that Connor would forever be my title. Getting my name changed would be a punch in the face to my parents. My name isn’t particularly rare or exotic- not that it matters- but it just feels a bit too… average. I guess it’s confusing having an Irish name despite being ethnically eastern european. What would I know? It’s only my name. The name that despite being mine, is commonly misspelled by people as if it really isn’t that important.
I guess I’m just looking to be special. That’s all it ever comes down to, really. Although people would say otherwise, there is quite a bit of average in the world. And I wasn’t missed.


Connors Unite

Submitted by Connormorgan7 on Fri, 2014-11-21 00:47.

Hi Connor! I'm Connor, too! And, like you, people spell my name wrong all the time. "Conor," "Conner," and a plethora of other crazy spellings. It really irritates me, too. But I decided during my freshman year (when there were three other "Connors" with a variety of spellings) that it doesn't matter how people spell your name. After all, names all seem to be made-up words anyway.

Also, in my opinion, you shouldn't feel average just because your name isn't exotic. Your personality, your hobbies, and your friends and family make you stand out (or, for some, to be normal). Your name really has nothing to do with being average or special. You make yourself average or special. I hope that you can grow to love your name. After all, it's the best name there is!