Cool Photo

Apr 16, 2009

Grand Forks, North Dakota, March 30, 2009--A truck and trailer plow through icy flood waters on Interstate 29. 

National Geographic: Week in Photos

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This photo is pretty amazing. When you first look at it you would think it was in Canada or as far north as Alaska because of all the ice. The truth is though it is in North Dakota. The state got such a big storm and after the storm it was so cold that a layer of ice formed on the top. When the truck was traveling on the interstate it was still full of water and the ice had been broken up and drifted to the sides. It still looks like the water level is quite high. If a normal car was traveling through this it wouldn't get far I think. It is surprising that the truck is staying on course so well too. If you think about it, the truck should be hydroplaning, and very well could be. This picture is just very cool, and makes you think how the driver is feeling. The photograph is taken from above either form a plane or helicopter I think. I also wonder what would happen if another truck passed this one going the other direction at this point. The water wave created to the side by each truck would probably push them off the road. This photo is very cool and makes you think about all the characteristics that went into making the situation for the picture.