Cost Of College

Feb 1, 2016

What can be done about the cost of college?

As a highschool student preparing for college I can't help but think about the daunting cost of college. It seems that no matter that scholarship or benefits you receive to a particular college, the cost of living, room and board, personal necessities, books and supplies, and the education all of its own is overwhelming. I am lucky enough to have a college savings from my grandparents but even with the amount I have, it wouldn't cover my full education. That makes me think about what can be done to lower the cost of college so that everyone has equal opportunity to pursue their education.

It is argued that if colleges were to increase scholarships and financial aid, then the costs would increase for those who aren't applying with financial aid or scholarship. State colleges are provided with only 20-30% or less of funding from state government and this has been declining substantially. With funding on the decline, the cost of college is increasing, and this is taking a toll on individuals and families who are wanting to pursue higher education.

Without going into debt, a system of figuring out how to lower the cost of college while keeping higher educational standards is necessary. If it is raising taxes to allow for more state funding or finding a way to put more money towards education and less on other government funds. College is a cost worth investing in, but there needs to be more accessibility in achieving the final diploma without mountains of debt.

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Submitted by katybonacci on Wed, 2016-02-17 02:08.

I thought this was a very relevant post with my upcoming decisions on where to attend college. How to pay for college has become and increasingly daunting question for me and the ideas expressed in this post I agreed with 100%. It would be amazing if colleges could increase scholarships and finial aid to make it a more affordable option for everyone!

I agree that college is

Submitted by adi_kandula on Thu, 2016-02-18 13:04.

I agree that college is expensive. I think this relates to this years presidential election with some candidates wanting to have free college tuition. However, if this were to happen, taxes would go up by quite a bit. This helps show that it's difficult to have truly free tuition.

Cost of College

Submitted by Chaz on Thu, 2016-02-18 14:12.

I enjoyed reading your response to paying for college and I can relate so much. I hear everyone talking about college dept and I don't want to be a person who comes straight out college with a bunch of money to pay back.