Counterculture Movements Week 1

Mar 22, 2015
by: Cholyoak

I have decided to research the development and effects of various counterculture movements on mainstream culture and society and throughout history. One of the most interesting things I have learned so far is that the 1960s in the United States served as a crucible in which many of the biggest and most memorable counterculture movements were formed. As The Conquest of Cool explains, the sixties represented a "loss of the golden age of consensus". While there have been various counterculture movements throughout history and across the world, like Romanticism and Bohemianism, the counterculture movements of the mid-20th century, most notably the Beat Generation and the hippies, stand out for their ferocity and widespread reach. I found it interesting to learn about some of the types of impetuses which can spark a counterculture movement, namely frustration and disapproval of society, injustices, and other controversial issues. In the United States in the '60s, these impetuses were comprised of things such as the civil rights movement, anti war sentiment, gender issues, and growing consumerism. I am excited to learn more about the demographics who make up most of these movements, as well as the ramifications of these movements.

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I am looking forward to reading your final paper very much! The impact the counterculture groups of the 1960's had on the world was huge, and society is still feeling the impacts of their beliefs and how they expressed themselves. One topic you might want to pursue is why the movements of the 1960's spread so quickly and were able to have such a hold on the people who identified with the group. Technology has always played a major role in the spread of ideas, so did new technology help spread the ideas of the hippies and Beat Generation. I would also be interested in hearing if you think there are any counterculture groups starting to start today because of all the unrest and displeasure in the world and the United States.

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