Court View

May 17, 2010
by: RobB

New York City is a large city filled with adventure and experiences. I have the most exciting time in the city playing basketball. My work reflects my life in New York and the time I spend on the court. I play basketball almost everyday and strive to get somewhere in life with this exciting sport. Basketball is sport that has more exposure in New York city then any other place in the United States. If you go to any park you will find kids and young adults playing. When taking a picture of the sport basketball it makes you wonder what just happened or is about to happen. This feeling is what really got me to photographing baskeball. When doing my work I focus on making it interesting and the idea of whether I would look at the image if I were to see it in the street. Another important aspect in doing my work is using pictures that are important to me. I feel that my work must have pictures which I took and with which I have a personal connection.

The decision process on my work was quite long. I used my year longs photography work and incorporated it in my collage. When I found all the photo's I wanted to use, I imagined what I wanted as an end result. I started editing my work and using many Photoshop techniques that I learned throughout the year in class. I changed the color and lighting of my collage often because as I progressed in my work. At times felt I needed to adjust the lighting to fit the picture. Another important techniqe was cropping what I wanted from my old photo to be in my new collage. Since basketball was my theme I put it in the middle and put the city around it. This symbolized how everything in my world revolves around basketball.
My work reflects upon my life experiences. I am an athlete who enjoys playing basketball. But this also has sparked a new hobby for me which is taking pictures. I think that since photography has became a great interest to me I am able to combine these two hobbies. Basketball builds bonds with teammates and friends. This is why I enjoy it so much. Through my work I am attempting to show the beauty of New York city and basketball. This is just one of my many pieces that show these two themes.


I really liked how you

Submitted by AdrianM on Mon, 2010-05-17 10:59.

I really liked how you merged everything together. You used all the qualities or most of the qualities of basketball and fused them together to get a really good final result. I enjoyed how you worked with the things you love to create a collage of what you do best. I also would like to add that the background and surrounding images all fit in perfectly, as if it was an actual background. Good job Rob!

I really like how your photo

Submitted by AlexandraB on Mon, 2010-05-17 14:11.

I really like how your photo looks like a painting, which brings even more into your collage. You started talking about your own adventures in New York City, so I was wondering if part of your reflected in your collage. Good Job. :)


 Thank you for the comment

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Submitted by RobB on Wed, 2010-05-19 12:05.

 Thank you for the comment and in reply to your question, Yes I tried to reflect my adventures in NYC in my work. I felt that without a personal connection to myself my work would have no essence and meaning. By adding the buildings and different objects into my collage I am making personal connections. 

 Hey Rob, I really like

Submitted by HollieP on Fri, 2010-05-21 14:15.

 Hey Rob,

I really like your picture. It is very cool how you collaborated so many things. I especially like the skyline in the background. " Since basketball was my theme I put it in the middle and put the city around it. This symbolized how everything in my world revolves around basketball." This is a really interesting idea, because i did a similar thing. Your collage really represents you, as does mine. My picture is an image of new york and what it represents. Good job.


Your picture caught my

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Submitted by jcheng9 on Thu, 2010-05-27 12:26.

Your picture caught my attention becuase it looked similar to this grafiitti i saw. This reminded me of playing basketball with my friends and how we had fun. Even though there wasn't really a court, we made all the lines, the hoop ourselves.

I noticed that this park where the picture takes place, is like in the city in a very wooded area. You can see trees in the background and you can see like a little mountain on the top right hand side.

The most interesting thing for me about your picture is how there's only 2 guys playing. Usually a three on three is the best or if there were more people. It's also pretty boring with 2 people since you don't pass at all and you can only work on skills like lay ups or practice your shots. It doesn't help you much when your playing with your team.

I noticed you are using (

A suggestion I have is maybe add some more people since for me it gives me a boring feeliling of just 2 friends not having much to do on a hot day.

A photograph that I took that I am reminded about when I look at this photograph, was when I went to the park for a picnic and I took a bunch of pictures. It reminded me how much fun i had that day and what I did that day.