Crossing the Border

Jan 23, 2015

It was two in the afternoon when we crossed the border. When I saw at the border patrol, I screamed, “La migra, la migra corran.”

We ran for seven minutes when the border patrol said, “Stop!”

We stop running before the cops sent the dogs for us. I was sad because I did not want to return to El Salvador after all that had happened on the road.

My brother told me, “Don't worry everything will be all right. We'll be with our mom!”

I said, “I hope everything goes well.”

I told my brother, "I hope everything goes well and be with my mami."

He told me, “I want to be with my mom too.”

I said, “Someday we'll be with her.” That was the last thing I said to my brother before we separated.

I never saw my brother again, because the police don't tell me anything.

I asked where they were taking me. He told me I was going to a place where all the children were.

In the jail is different at minor house, because in the jail they don't have good food, the water has chlorine and the bathroom is nasty.

My brother stayed in the jail because he was 19 years old and I was 16 years old. He stayed in a different jail and i stayed in the minor house.


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Submitted by anonymous on Sun, 2015-01-25 12:25.

Dear Edgar:

I am moved by your post, "Crossing the Border," because your experience is so different from my own in that I have never left my home and have never been separated from loved ones.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "I never saw my brother again, because the police don't tell me anything." I think this is horrifying because I can't imagine how it would feel to be in the hands of the authority, without your brother, and without knowing what was going to happen. I also think you must have been very brave to have crossed the border, knowing that this was a possibility. To want something for yourself and family so much that you went to great lengths shows the passion you had to be with your mother again. It shows that family is everything.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your life experiences and love for your family are the core of your writing.

wow a touching story

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Submitted by edukuray on Wed, 2016-05-25 12:35.

wow a touching story

Edgar, This post is intense.

Submitted by connorc on Wed, 2016-05-25 12:45.

This post is intense. I've never read someone's story of crossing the border, ever. As I was reading your story I actually started to get curious on what would happen to you when you got caught, and the results were shocking to me. It's really scary to me that the police can permanently separate you from your loved ones, even if you are breaking the law. How did you end up getting out of jail? Do you know where your brother is today?

Connor Cooke