Cultural Practices

Feb 18, 2016
by: cniegos

"Culture" refers to mixed patterns of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, actions, customs, beliefs and institutions of racial, ethnic, social, or religious groups. Every culture has beliefs about health, disease, treatment, and health care providers. How do we measure being healthy? What are the cultural differences when it comes to staying and other practices?

Based on personal history and experience, when it comes to staying healthy filipinos are used to three times a day. Beyond that, we always eat with rice every morning, noon, and night time. It serves as our carbohydrates and it’s just how we eat. I guess you can say that it is our part of tradition of eating rice as one of the main dish when it comes to eating. Elders are always saying to eat vegetables because it can help you stay healthy and away from getting sick. Also, we are rich in natural resource when it comes to providing food. We have seasonal fruits in specific times that are growing and every season we buy it and eat with the family. Also, we also grow fruit trees often families grow trees because they save money and sell it to others if they were interested. When it comes to exercising, we don’t usually exercise. Philippines is a tropical country, so it intend to warm and hot, and you’ll be sweating in no time even though you don’t move a lot. For me, the most important key of keeping healthy is being around with your family that can influence you of doing what’s right and wrong. I remember when I was young, even though we had problems we still have each other and have time to hang out at my grandmother’s house and just laugh. I think being happy most of the time, can make you healthy and it’s like a remedy when you’re down and sometimes sick. When it comes to illness, we drink herbal medicines because that what elders serve you and they said it going to help the sickness to go away. If it’s serious, we go directly to the hospital. We don’t go usually to the hospital if it’s not that serious and we often to self-diagnosed.

There’s many cultural differences involved with various beliefs. Some can be beneficial and impact positively and there’s times that it can harm you. Whatever you decided that you think can impact you will help you stay healthy and be happy. Making healthy choices may help improve your mental health.


"the most important key of

Submitted by gsaturno on Thu, 2016-02-25 13:58.

"the most important key of keeping healthy is being around with your family that can influence you of doing what’s right and wrong." I agree with this quote and I can relate to this because my family always tell me what's wrong or right and it helps me a lot.

My family is very

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Submitted by tsaeteurn on Fri, 2016-02-26 22:48.

My family is very relate-able. It feels like a more old fashion feeling. My family eats about three times a day mainly involving rice. We also like to eat fruits that come seasonally as well. It is very interesting that you brought up your family as a way of keeping you healthy. It is proven that if you have a god communication whether it be family or friends, you will be healthier as long as your connection with your community is stable.

It's interesting how much I

Submitted by rpreziglesias on Mon, 2016-02-29 19:44.

It's interesting how much I can relate to you. My family has some similarities to yours. We eat rice pretty much everyday and it serves as our main dish. Many people think only Asians do that, but I'm Caribbean and virtually everyone eats like that where I'm from. I have also heard that a lot of rice is unhealthy, yet my family's general health is fine. My grandmother also uses herbal remedies as a form of healing minor illnesses.

I really identify with what

Submitted by kruss on Wed, 2016-03-02 23:53.

I really identify with what you said about eating rice. Me being Korean and my mom still traditional in a culinary sense means asian food which means rice. So I eat a lot of rice as well

Cultural Practices

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Submitted by swilliams on Fri, 2016-03-04 16:03.

Cultural Practices do involved with various beliefs. I do agree about healthy choices improve your mental health. Everyone has many cultural beliefs in their heritage.Your blog was very interesting and with a lot of true facts. Great pioece of work Char.