Mar 15, 2016

It is said that culture surrounds us, but no one has ever voiced that the reason we see it everywhere is because we view it with the same eye that sees culture within ourselves. Culture is perhaps not something so external as once believed. It is not a thing that you sit next to like a polite guest at a dinner table of ideas, but more a rowdy neighbor in a house of imagination who you soon realize developed his behavior from you. Culture is as much a part of you as you are of it, and this unapologetic social dynamic is supported by the fingers of every being on this earth. It is not, however as heavy a burden as it sounds, as its formation is split among several billion. Culture has run through our veins as early as blood has, and will continue to do so until the last of our species is gone. Even then, our culture will always remain behind until it too is devoured by the nature that it once rested on. While differences set us apart in nearly every other matter, humans all have within them the subconscious creation of culture. It is as much involuntary as it is unavoidable, and these words are written, the very world around us is unknowingly being shaped by the hearts and minds that hold it up. Much of this invisible change is only semi-permanent like footprints on a beach, soon to be washed away by the waves of popularity and evaporated by the rays of social hierarchy. But no matter how often they are wiped clean, the sands you walk on will never be the same. Life inevitably shortens with each passing day--- seconds fade like ticks on a timepiece, as our chances to leave our mark on this world slip by. What you create could be held onto for generations to come or simply be forgotten the moment it was created. Culture is a lottery game of possibility. It does not take bravery or even a passing thought to enter this type of slot machine, but in mere seconds, your creation could be thrust into the limelight. So tell me, what will you create?