A Cure for Senioritis

Feb 16, 2010
by: kberg

It's the last year of high school and after three years we can't wait to be done.  But if Senator Chris Buttars plans became reality we would already be done and graduated.  Senator Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan suggested that in order to save money high school could be reduced down to three years.  This proposal was in return to cut funding to busing outside rural areas that would save the state about $60 million, where as discontinuing 12th grade could save as much as $240 million.  Although, the main concerns talked about were having enough credit hours and the amount of learning that can be achieved in three years, but another main concern is how would this effect students trying to get into highly selective colleges. 

"Sure there's some challenges, but there's answers of most of them," he said, including online classes for students who can't finish high school by the end of 11th grade. -Senator Chris Buttars

He'd like to see an accelerated graduation system where most students would graduate after 11th grade and students who didn't have enough credits to do that might go on to a sort of remedial 12th grade.

I don't see an answer to how colleges are going to view students who haven't put four years into high school.  If a college is going to decide between two highly qualified applicants chances are they are going to choose the one that actually went to their senior year of high school.  Another problem that I see with this proposal is for the kids that don't finish in three years how motivated are they going to be to go to a remedial 12th grade when a lot of their class is already graduated.  Senator Buttars proposal is under a lot of criticism because of the many people against it that value the importance of the senior year of education.


"This is a great training ground for the leaders in our community because this is the time when students get their maturity," said Rep. Marie Poulson, a Cottonwood Heights Democrat and former high school teacher. "Because of our budget concerns, should we lower our expectations and requirements of our kids and decide we will be satisfied with a substandard education?"  - Rep. Marie Poulson

Although, resources are limited especially in this time of economic state, I think there should be more focus on improving education instead of cutting back.


Dear kiersten,     I

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Submitted by HLee on Tue, 2010-05-04 08:53.

Dear kiersten,

    I liked your post and I actually never heard of this proposal before. I guess it's probably because I never really pay attention to a lot of things. Anyways I have sort of mixed feelings about this proposal. Sure, I guess it's nice to have only 3 years of high school instead of 4 since I guess there would be more us trying since there are only 3 years.

 However, I think it's always the 4th year of high school where reality becomes more....noticeable? lack of better word. Anyways I think that we mature much more in the 4th year of high then we do in the others. The 4th year does have advantages to students to make up for the credits they don't have. This is another opporunity for people to try harder for college.

 I don't know though it seems interesting as an idea. I don't think that it would be much of a cure to senioritis because...I think it will creep up on us no matter what. I think laziness it hard to get tried off and it's very tempting to not to do anything. That's probably why it's one of the seven sins....