Apr 19, 2009

I recently finished this great book by the author "MARK HADDON".This is the most unique novel by him and the way that he represents is also very good.

This is a very good mysterious novel and finally Christopher solve this mystery  and he also completed his MATH A test by very good marks and the most important thing that he find his mother by doing investigation about WHO KILLED THE DOG????

In this story the author not just explain the christopher he deeply explain about his life and I think that there is many little stories in this book which are funny,sad and interesting

I really enjoyed to read this story and I also taught some lesson from this I really admired the bravery of christopher and how he manage all his problems.

I liked the whole concept of the novel sometimes it was little confusing but it was interesting all the time....


I argee with you. The book

Submitted by KOwareAd on Mon, 2009-04-20 21:52.

I argee with you. The book can be confusing but it keep you interested in the book. Christopher really is brave. I don't understand why he has to go to the special school. He so smart. He use logic to solve everything.

Cool,I want to read this

Submitted by 14khatria on Tue, 2009-04-21 12:42.

Cool,I want to read this book
This book is a real mystery book. I want to read this book. Can you please write more about this book because I would like to know more about this book. The title of this book sounds very interesting. I think that you should add some more information.

Amisa K.
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