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May 6, 2013

I think that the most significant stories of the 21st century have to include 9/11, the election of President Obama, and the rise of technology. I chose these as the most important events because these changed the course of history. Because of 9/11 it is so much harder to get on a place; they have new detectors, stronger rules and more security. There is also much stronger security around the White House and other national monuments- before people could get close but we are now all treated like potential terrorist. 9/11 made it so the word terrorist was a very common one in our vocabulary. Every crime or bombing or shooting is an act of terrorism. 9/11 made us fear stereotypical “terrorists” and overall put a new wave of fear in our society.

The election of President Obama is definitely an important event. After President Bush our nation wanted a change and Obama- being the first African American president did literally offer “Change”. He offered us new Healthcare and whether or not people agree with his policies he must be doing something right because he was reelected.

Lastly, I believe that technology and the rise of social media is an important event. Before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all the other social media sources, you only had email. You had to dial up your internet to get to your email account. Email was the beggining, but now there is Iphone’s which literally keeps you connected 24/7. I can see what my friends are doing without being with them twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Social media is everywhere. Things like taking photos used to be simply for memories but now we center our lives around taking “artistic” photos and boy do we take photos. Look at a typical persons photo album on their phone. Most people have well over one hundred photos- I have seen thousand’s. Photos have become an essential part of our lives because of social media- it may not be a bad thing- but it has shaped our society into something different. Social media has made the news more accessible and has made people much more informed about what is going on in our world.


Jenna, We picked two of the

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We picked two of the same most important events of the decade. I completely agree with the rise of technology as well as the election of President Obama. I think these are two things that actually separate our decade from all the other decades, because they are such influential things. I use social media daily, and I know that's how I keep in contact with many people out of state, so I definitely agree with you on that one. And Obama marks a change that we seriously needed as a nation.

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