The Dancer In The Mirror

Apr 23, 2015

Currently my classmates and I are working on research projects in class. My topic is the affect the dance world, especially that of ballet, has on young girls and boys views of themselves. My younger sister is currently an aspiring ballerina and has travelled all around to persue this dream. However, I've seen the pressure of "ballet perfection" affect her and her peers. I decided to have a closer look at this topic.

So far I've found out quite a bit. In the ballet world both boys and girls develop eating disorders at the same rate as each other; I had always assumed that girls would develop these disorders more than boys.

I also learned yesterday that rates of negative self esteem tends to be significantly higher in populations of ballerinas as compared to their non-dancing peers. In another interesting comparison it was found that ballerinas have lower self esteem and more incidences of eating disorders than any other kind of dance.

In another part of my research I contacted a dance psychologist. He informed me that through his research he's currently looking into the "ballet subculture" which puts pressure on girls and boys from a young age to conform to a very specific body type. His research is showing that this pressure can begin to negatively affect kids as young as 7 year olds.



This is a great topic for a

Submitted by kaliawells_22 on Fri, 2015-04-24 08:48.

This is a great topic for a research paper, in my opinion, because of how many people across the world are affected by these ballet standards. You're doing a great job with this research, thanks for sharing!

It's a good research topic. I

Submitted by hxu on Fri, 2015-04-24 11:52.

It's a good research topic. I like to dance but I am too lazy on searching the things that I like to do. Also, I like your response, it provides lots of new information to me.