The Dangers of Sexting

Dec 17, 2015
by: 18kimj

There are many dangers that come with sexting. Sexting is to send someone sexually explicit photographs or messages via social media. Based on this article that I found through the internet, over the past few years, sexting has increased dramatically. The consequences of sexting are severe and could either ruin a reputation or a life. Anything that is sent through social media, stays in the internet. Therefore, naked or sexually explicit pictures that people send to other people, stays in the internet and will never go away. When people sext, they never think of the consequences that come with sexting.

Sexting can ruin a child’s life and cause serious emotional and psychological problems. Once a photo is electronically uploaded, it's forever out of your teen’s control. An angry ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend can post it publicly for all to see, which could have long-term consequences. It is stated from the source that some teens committed suicide because they were so distressed of the images that were sent out that embarrassed or humiliated them. Another consequence that comes with sexting is that it is prohibited under child pornography laws. A child can be arrested from child pronography by sending and receiving pornographic photos.

To prevent sexting, people should keep in mind to don’t take pictures of themselves that they wouldn’t want in the internet. Another way to prevent sexting is to report any nude images you may receive to an adult you trust or your parent. Hopefully this response can help spread awareness about the dangers of sexting.

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