Darfur, A country in trouble

May 14, 2010
by: 14BarrosF

I have just finished playing this game called Darfur is dying from the website http://darfurisdying.com/. I feel like I have learned many things about the people in Darfur just from playing this game. At first I thought that Darfur was just a poor country that did nit have the same resources we did, like many third world countries in this world. But then I found out that it is even worse, the armies and militia, all attack the community that lives there, people are not allowed near water reservoures and people have to hide from the army/militia guarding the place to get water to drink. Many animals are dead, here and there is not health in this place. Many of the people die, and you can get sick very easily. So from this game I have learned that many bad things happen to the people that live in Darfur. I can infer that people must have taken over the area and are attacking everyone living there. That might explain why there are militian trucks parked in the area and are attacking people that just want to get water for their community. These militian truck people are also very bad people, because when they capture children especially girls they could abuse them, rape them, hurt them, and sometimes even kill them, and this is just some people that are getting water. So I can just imagine what must happen to people that do worser things. Things in Darfur don't look pretty, and that is why my school BSGE Astoria always helps Darfur, they do concerts and all the money earned from those concerts is donated for foundations to help Darfur. Darfur is in trouble so I recommend that you people out there should get involved in foundations, events, and many things to help raise money to help these poor people. Just think about it, if it were you out there suffering wouldn't you want someone to help you?