The Daring little Boy

Mar 10, 2009
by: Azubair

A Child gets A match, and
lights up a wick.
The string begins to shrink
as the fire travels down it
The child's heart begins to race
He begins to run but fears
he isn't fast enough
He runs and runs as fast as
his little legs can take him but its getting late.
he throws the object with the lighted wick to
the ground and begins to run in the opposite direction.
he runs and runs, but there isn't much time left.
As he runs he thinks, "why is it going bad this time?
I have done it many times before", but that isn't the case
He pulled it off successfully before but now it was different.
All of a sudden he is by everyone else, he was safe.
and the funny part about it was a dud.
the explosive was a dud
Now that he thought about it,
life is to precious to throw away without a second glance.
from that point on he never
Would dare to do something out of chance