Dark Of The Moon Weekly Response

Apr 7, 2013
by: 17mahi

"How sad, I thought, to know the goddess only as a light in the night sky that comes and goes!" (Pg. 38).

Ariadne is supposed to be a goddess in training, and will eventually become the goddess of the moon. She spends all her time being trained and has lost all her previous friends, since most people in her city are scared of her mysterious powers. However, this story is based on the Greek myth of the Minotaur, where Ariadne's brother is actually the Minotaur. But her brother, Asterion, does not "eat people" as the myth suggests. He is simply someone who has too much strength to control, harming many of his 'playmates', usually killing them. I thought that this quote was significant because it shows how Ariadne thinks that all misfortunes and positive events are caused by the goddess, and also shows that she thinks that all other explanations for the events are false, which is what all the other residents in her city (Krete) believe in.