Dark Secrets 1: Don't Tell

Jan 9, 2014
by: 18cheng

Lauren returns to Wisteria after many years to visit her Aunt Jules and her cousins Holly and Nora. Years ago, Lauren’s mother had died. During Lauren’s visit she tried to forget about and move on but then decides to try and find out more after suspicious actions from Nora. While in the house she starts to see this knot themselves. She sees things move without things touching the and she remembers how her mother told her that she used to see them. In addition, upon her visit she meets Nick who she ends up liking and is surprised by her cousin Holly who greets her in a friendly manner. Throughout the story Lauren experiences more “haunting”. She faces near death incidents and begins to uncover the secrets she was never told. In the end Nick’s father helps Holly try to kill Nora and Lauren. Nick saves them and while in the police office it is uncovered that her mother had a child before her that died and that Jules is actually Lauren’s mother. In addition Holly had murdered Lauren’s “mother” and that Holly had been scaring Nora making her believe she was the murderer. In addition, fear had caused Nora to have phycological powers.
Similar to Legacy of Lies these books include unpopular people who aren't treated in a nice way. In Legacy of Lies Megan ends up killing the person that killed her when she was Avril. In Don't Tell Lauren finds out that the person who killed her mother was part of her family. Both books share a common idea of deceitfulness.