The Darkest Minds By: Alexandra Braken

Jun 3, 2013
by: 17zhul

"She sucked in a sharp breath between her teeth. 'I wish mine were, too.'" -Page 25.

In this part of the book, it was when Ruby told her new friend (Sam) that her parents were dead. Then in response to that, Sam stated that she wished her parents were also dead because the reason why she's here at the Thurmond is because of her parents. I thought this quote was interesting because it made me wonder why Ruby lied about her parents. It was true that her parents were the ones scared of her and sent her to be locked away, but they're still alive... Ruby said in the book, that she didn't know why she lied, but it made things easier for her to comprehend. Like she could possibly believe what she said and be happier... So far, I'm 100 pages into the book and it's pretty interesting!