Data Data and more Data

Feb 8, 2012

For the next five weeks in our english class we will be working on a research paper on a topic of our choice. Not only will we learn about the topic we chose but we will also learn how to use databases and how to gather information from other sources. This week we are exploring different databases. The first database I explored was the SIRS Issues researcher. My topic of research is depression. They have a whole section on mental depression. It has the latest debates on things depression related. Currently one debate is over whether or not children with depression should be medicated. The database also comes up with different articles related to depression. Another cool thing about this database is that it has a research toolbar. On it there is a timeline, statistics,global impact and a note organizer. I think that is all really cool and helpful. This database was very helpful for this topic.
I also looked at the Utah Digital papers database. This database was by far less helpful. Unless you have a specific event you are trying to look up then this database probably won't be of much use. It isn't for broad topics like mine, it needs to be more specific or as I mentioned a specific event. For example, when I typed in my topic, Depression, It came up with a lot articles that had to do with agriculture and farming. So general topics are not meant for this site.
The next database I checked out was NewsBank. NewsBank is full of information. They have archives and blogs, plus specialized newspapers, metro newspapers and genealogy resources. This is a great site to get information on current events, historical events, and research topics. I find this database to be especially helpful because you can integrate your research topic with a current event.
Unfortunately my library card won't let me access the other sites. So out of these few databases that I was able to access I would say that the two that were most helpful were SIRS and NewsBank. Both offer great information in different ways. SIRS is more statistics and objective information while NewsBank is more current events that can relate to the research topic.