The Day Outside

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20vargaso
The Day Outside: Act 1 Scene 1
The Day Outside: Act 1 Scene 2
The Day Outside: Act 2 Scene 1
The Day Outside: Act 2 Scene 2
The Day Outside


Hey! So for school, I had to create an animation or a cartoon and I did. But I also decided to post it on here for you guys to see. Up above, there are a few pictures of my project. They are called my storyboards. These storyboards helped me plan out my project. Written below, are my script and my developer's logs. My script has all the dialogue and actions of my animation. The developer's logs are short paragraphs of each reflection I did, when I worked on my project. Even further below, there is a link to my actual animation so go ahead and watch it. So, sit back, relax, click my video, and enjoy!


Act 1 Scene 1
[The start button is pressed and the clip starts.]
[Becky and Julia are already in Julia’s room.]
Becky: Hey Jules, I’m getting bored in here.
Julia: Well what do you want to do?
Becky: Hmm, lets go outside.
Julia: Good idea! Let’s go!
[Julia and Becky exit, stage right.]
Act 1 Scene 2
[Background changes to outside underwater.]
[Julia and Becky enter, stage left.]
Julia: OMG, did you hear C-Star’s new song? It was amazing!
Becky: Oh my god, like totally! The lead singer is really ho––
[Jim the shark enters, stage left.]
Jim: Hey girls!
[Becky and Julia turn around towards Jim.]
Becky & Julia: *Scream.*
Julia: S-stay away f-from us!
Becky: Julia… RUN!
[Both girls turn around and run, exits stage right.]
Jim (angrily): Get back here! I’m hungry!
[Jim starts to run after to girls, exits stage right.]
Act 2 Scene 1
[Background changes to the front of a house with Bernie the hippo.]
[Becky and Julia enter, stage left]
Julia (breathlessly) : Okay...I...think...we...lost him.
Becky: Umm, Julia? I don’t think so!
[Jim enters, stage left.]
Jim: Think you could lose me, huh? Well, you’re wrong!
[Bernie starts walking towards, the group.]
Bernie: Hey! What’s going on here?!
Becky: The w-wolf…
Bernie: Sir, are you disturbing these two young ladies?
[Jim backs up a little in fear.]
Jim: N-no sir. I-I’ll be going n-now.
[Jims runs and exits, stage left.]
Julia & Becky: THANK YOU!
Becky: That was really nice of you Bernie. Thank you so much.
Julia: Oh my god, yeah. That was amazing. Thanks.
Bernie: Sure thing girls, why don’t you come inside and have a drink. It looks like you have been running for a long time.
Becky: That would be great, Bernie.
Bernie: Let’s go!
[Julia, Becky, & Bernie exit, stage right.]
Act 2 Scene 2
[Background changes to a new room.]
[Julia, Becky, & Bernie enter, stage left.]
Bernie: I’m going to go call your parents, to let them know you are safe with me.
[Bernie exits, stage left.]
Julia: Oh my god, that was so cool of your mom’s friend.
Becky: *Laughs* His name is Bernie, Julia and yeah I agree.
Julia: Lets just relax for the rest of the day, I’m exhausted.
Becky: Fine with me!
[Both girls sit down.]
[The clip has ended and the story is over.]

Developer's Log:

Session 1: Wednesday 3/11 @School: Steps 1-6
I exceeded my schedule for session 1. I found it was quite easy for me to do these steps, so I managed to do an extra one. I ended up taking less time for these things and I had no problems.

Session 2: Friday 3/13 @School: Steps 7-12
I went below my schedule for session 2 by 5 steps. I didn’t realize how hard it was to keep going back and forth to have the characters speak to one another. I had to have them say, then broadcast it, then have the other character receive it, and vise versa. This took longer than expected so thats why I didn’t complete my schedule. Next time I should bank more time for speech and backgrounds.

Session 3: Saturday 3/14 @Home: Steps 12-24
I fulfilled my goal today because I was able to complete all the steps I planned to do in my schedule. It took a little longer than expected but I was still able to finish all of them with very few problems.

Session 4: Sunday 3/15 @Home: Steps 25-47
Today, I actually went over my scheduled steps because I found I had more time then I planned. This helped because it allowed me to complete more steps for my project. Although I had a few problems, I solved all of them real quick so it did not take up time.

Session 5: Monday 3/16 @Home: Steps 48-50
I was able to complete all steps I planned for today because yesterday I went over my plan. This was my last time working on this project. During this session I was able to finish up the last details of my project and complete my evaluate section.

Link To Animation: