Dear Damian

Jun 21, 2016

Dear Damian

I am proud with your essay “Living with Catholics”because I loved the way you explain about Gary Soto live.What he was doing in his live.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In Living Up The Street Gary Soto talks about his life as a boy and his family and how they lived on Bradley Street.”I think this is a strong sentence because you explain what the book was about.Also I loved when you said that the book was about his life as a kid.

Another sentence that I felt sad was “ he was getting bullied by other student in that school.”This stood out for me because i felt really bad for Gary because the was getting bullied in school and i know it feels.

Your essay reminds me of something that happen to me.One time when I was in school i was getting bullied by other people saying that Ilooked ugly.That I was a bady and that I was stuid but in the end,I did not listen to them.I know that I was smart.I was not a bady and I was not ugly.

Thank you for your writing.I look forward to seeing what you write next ,because i am proud of you and your writing so yea kept doing the right things.