Dear Fremont High School Administrators.

Sep 16, 2015

Dear School Administrators,

I understand that the decisions that are made by you are done with the best of intentions and as a way to help our school be better, but some of them end up affecting we students in a negative way. In the past three years that I have been here electronics were not allowed during class time and that was not a problem.

What seems to be a problem is that we are not allowed to use our electronics during our lunch time or passing periods. This is a problem because some family members need to communicate with students in case of personal emergencies. Another reason why I think we should be allowed to use electronics is because we need to let our parents know what time we will leave school since some students are staying after school and we will not always be dismissed at the same time. I really think that you should try to leave the electronics policy as it used to be in the past years. Another school rule that will make this school year harder for us specially seniors would be not being able to be in the hallways during lunch. As a senior I have a lot of work to do and sometimes it will be hard for me to get it done so I would use my lunch time to talk to my teachers and finish my work. With the hallways being closed I will not have that opportunity of getting the help I need and it can put me at risk of becoming behind in my work since it is harder for me to stay after school.

During the assembly we had, Mr. Carson, the Vice Principal, mentioned that the decision was made because the younger students were being hyper or playing around in the hallways. How could that been the cause of the decision if it was the first week of school and he was not giving himself the opportunity to actually see how the students would act? I do not think it is fair for us to lose privileges due to other student actions. If the younger students are the ones causing this then maybe only seniors should be allowed to enter the hallways when they need too. I think this would make everything easier for us.


Dear Adriana, I am satisfied

Submitted by wilkee16 on Wed, 2015-09-23 17:37.

Dear Adriana,
I am satisfied with your stand on your school's new rules and I agree with you about the negative effects of the changing policy. I liked how you said that you understood where the administration was coming from and then supplied evidence to tell them what problems it was causing. This really showed that you took the time to look at both sides before picking one. At our school we recently changed our tech policy so that we could use our phones during passing time and lunch, from what I have seen it reduces the number of people who feel the urge to check their phones in class. Unfortunately there will always be irresponsible behavior from someone who takes advantage of these policies and it is compleatly unfair to the rest of us! Thank you for sharing this piece, I look forward to reading more of what you have to say, you are very thoughtful and intelligent.

Adriana,The policies set by

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Submitted by arianae2016 on Thu, 2015-09-24 13:31.

The policies set by your school seem unfair. First of all, everyone acts crazy in the halls, especially on the first week of school. The first week back is the time that everyone gets together and is excited to see each other, especially for the younger students, the freshman. The freshman are definitely going to act hyper because its a new environment and they're going to test their boundaries. But, at the same time, while it is unfair to hold all the students accountable for these actions, it would be unfair for only the older students to be exempt from this rule.

Not only would it be unfair for the younger students but it'd be harder to follow through and enforce that rule. I just don't think that rule was very well thought out on the part of the administration because there will always be someone who needs to go into the hallway and if it's blocked off that takes away your right to learn and with that logic, why do you even go there in the first place.

The main point of school is to be able to learn and do what you need to to stay up to date and be ready for class, but by doing that they aren't even allowing you that basic right. For that, I am sorry. I hope your administrators reevaluate those rules.


Dear Adrianna,   I like the

Submitted by gabriel.vanegas97 on Wed, 2015-09-30 13:17.

Dear Adrianna,  

I like the fact for the way you speak out and tell the school administrators the changes you want to see done and i also agree with everything you said. 


Sincerely, Gabriel 


Adriana, My School has made

Submitted by Janell S on Fri, 2015-10-02 15:07.

My School has made the same policies about being in the halls during lunch and after school. As a fellow senior this is extremely aggravating but there are some ways around it. If you have a reason to be in the halls during lunch and a teacher yells at you, there is probably some way to explain your reason for being there. Hopefully your teachers will understand. Good luck!

Adriana, It can be really

Submitted by AlysaB on Fri, 2015-10-02 15:10.


It can be really frustrating when schools institute new rules, especially debilitating and semi-functionless rules as the ones you outlined above seem to be. My school is doing pretty much the same thing, and it's my senior year as well. Many of my fellow students agree these changes demonstrate an interest in the lowerclassmen, while leaving the upperclassmen hanging out to dry. I'm glad you are able to speak out about this subject, and encourage you to publish such opinions in a school paper and make it as accessible and out there as possible. If you were to garner enough support you might be able to make a change.

Adriana, I agree with your

Submitted by Meghan on Fri, 2015-10-02 19:26.

Adriana, I agree with your position. It is unfair that your school is taking away a privilege based on the actions of a few students, they should find a way of addressing the problem that doesn't impact the entire student body. You make your argument stronger by considering where the school is coming from, most people just ignore the other side's point.

I think this is a really well

Submitted by AllysonSchmidt on Mon, 2015-12-14 13:14.

I think this is a really well written and constructive post addressing important issues without being disrespectuful. I really like how you respectfully addresses these issues and not only said why you think these rules are unjust, but you also suggested solutions. I think this is a really great way to actually solve the problems you see. Simply complaining doesn't do any good if you can't think of any constructive way to fix it; then you are just adding to the problem. I applaud you for suggesting solutions and stating concrete reasons why these issues are important and need attention. I agree with your stance that it is unfair that because some people abuse their privileges, everyone has to pay the consequence. I also agree with your comment that people need to get in touch with family members at lunch time on their phones to let them know when we will be dismissed.

Letter to Administrators

Submitted by Apowell16 on Thu, 2015-12-17 14:55.

I enjoyed reading your letter to the administrators of your school and you backed up your position with several pieces of evidence. I liked the fact that you presented your information and personal experiences in a formal manner to your audience. Before you post, I would suggest you show your work to a teacher or peer to edit because there are a few minor grammatical errors. For example, you said, "but some of them end up affecting we students in a negative way" and it would make more sense to take out "we" in this context. Also, when you start discussing how students should be able to use their cellphones and other devices during class, you should organize your thoughts better. Be careful not to switch between present and past tense throughout the letter. Your letter would be a lot more effective if you correct these mistakes, which almost everyone makes. Having someone to look over your work before turning it in is always a good idea.