Dear Future English Teacher

Jul 24, 2014

Dear Future English Teacher:

I am proud to be showing you some of my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program. It that shows my ability to “Freewriting Badge.” After you look at my work, I hope you will see why I think it's important to me because I’m showing you my work and I’m express my self. Well the reason I pick these badge is because it show how much I do freewrite.

This Badge is basically about the ability to of my freewriting. Well my freewrite is about more about how making my dream come true and what I been noticing in school.

This work shows something important about me as a learner because it show how I really like school and all my teacher tell me why do I like school so much I tell them it because it fun and I know education take people somewhere it will change their life. Well i have fun been in school because I learn new thing and how the world works. Well I want my teacher Mr Paul to know how I really love school. Well this badge mean alot to me because it show how I been coming to school and doing my work and how my essay have improve.
Here are the pieces of work that show my abilities to "Freewriting Badge"

1.Journal 7/23/14
2. Journal 7/17/14
3.Journal 7/16/14
4.Would I have a good job and would become man that work hard?

The one item on this list that I struggled with the most was "Would I have a good job and would become man that work hard?" because well it show one of my best writing. For example, look at where I wrote “Everyone in school tell me that I’m a good student but the problem is that I give them sometime a hard time. Well people know that I was born in mexico and I had a hard time coming to New York. Like my teacher Ms Andria say “If you have a good education in school that good education will take you somewhere that will make your life even better.” Even though this was difficult for me I think it shows my ability to write about learning what is important to me because It make me think that people know how difficult is to answer your question. Well it show how hard it was for me to answer my question because I really didn’t know if it was true want I’m trying to say in my essay. If I were to do this again I would look at my essay and re-read and see what I need to fix like for example, plurals,capitalization,selling,run on.

Another item that I want you to notice is "Journal 7/23/14." This item stands out for me because it telling people how I’m doing in school and what happen. For example, look at where I wrote “I have been notice that people had be having a great time and talking to each other and helping out. well this week i spent the time with my family and I had a great time will my girlfriends I have been noticing that well people had getting there work done. Well in school right now I’m having fun because I’m getting to talk to people that know more then me, and learning new things.”

Probably my best piece of work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program is "Would I have a good job and would become man that work hard?." I say this because it took me 3 day to answer my own question but after the teacher told me that I could do a research on my question and I found lot of question that answer my question.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this work, and I hope you can see what this work shows about me as a learner.