Dear Future Mayor of NYC

May 6, 2013
by: CruzitaS

March 21, 2013

Dear Future Mayor of NYC,

A topic in NYC that you should be aware of when coming into office is bullying in schools. This is an international problem, but in NYC , it is a very big issue. Bullying kills. It destroys the picture a child has in their head about who they are and what they stand for. Many children and teens in society today are letting the words, actions, and cruelty of ignorant people get to them. They are being bullied for their race, skin color, weight, sexual orientation, disability, gender, etc. When you come into office, I think you should have programs, and send victims of bullying to schools to talk to all kids of every age. Every kid from the age of 7-19 can benefit from this, because either you’re the one being bullied, or you’re the one doing the bullying.
Bullying has effects on kids such as low self-esteem, difficulty in trusting others, lack of assertiveness, aggression, difficulty controlling that aggression or anger, and isolation from their friends, family, community, etc. In my opinion i feel there is less “ physical bullying” and way more “ cyber bullying” . Everyone has an opinion or ignorant comment through a computer screen, but not in person.

● 85% of middle schoolers polled reported being cyberbullied at least once.
● 70% of teens polled reported cyberbullying someone else.
● 86% of elementary school students share their password with their friend(s).
● Cyberbullying starts in 3rd and peaks in 4th grade and again in 7th-8th grade.
● Only 5% of middle schoolers would tell their parents if they were cyberbullied.
● At least 27 teens have taken their own lives after being cyberbullied.
● 44% of boys in high school reported having seen at least one nude image of a classmate.
● 83% of teens have at least one social networking account.
● 72% of middle schoolers report having more e-mail addresses than their parents knew about.

As technology advances, so does the different amount of ways we as a community put each other down. Cyber bullying isn’t something to take lightly, and i hope that when you come into office, you and your team can help save lives, whether that being putting more programs in school on cyberbullying awareness, teaching young kids how to use the internet in a safe and mature manner, and even just tips and having survivors of bullying talking to others on how to deal with something that, in my opinion, everyone experiences at least once in their life. Bullying.

Cruzita Serrano