Dear Mayor De Blasio: My family needs jobs

Mar 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

Dear Mayor De Blasio,

My name is Joshua and I am a student in the Bronx at a school called I.S. 190. I am a 8th grader. I wanted to say congratulations to you on your election. The city has issues around jobs and unemployment.

The situation in my family is that both my parents are not working. A while ago my father was going to become a cop. He was in the police academy but he lost his position when he failed the running test. Then my mother was the only one working but a week later she lost her job. It was very hard to see my parents struggling with money.

Even though I am just a kid, I can understand what they are going through. I hope you can understand where a teenager like me is coming from Mr. De Blasio. When my parents lost their jobs I didn’t get the things that I wanted. I was promised things from my parents but now we cannot get the things our hearts were set on. I watched my friends go on vacation and I just stayed behind. It was very hard. My parents even struggled to pay rent. My parents went back and forth to welfare. After waiting 6 hours, they would tell us there was nothing that they could do. It was frustrating.

I hope you can help the people and families find jobs, Mr. De Blasio. Thank you for your time and again congratulations on your election. I hope you can help.