Dear Raleek

Jun 24, 2016

Dear Raleek

I am happy about you essay, “Bad Boy Gary”because the explain about the first chapter of living up the streets.You also explain that the was not a good kid when he was younger like 10 or 11.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The issues that keep coming up are that they are terrible kids and they have no home training so they don't listen to they parents and they bully other people around the street.”I think this is a strong sentence is because you said that gary and his friends and his brother and sister was bad kids in Fresno and that Gary and his friend was throwing eggs and and i think rocks at cars.

Another sentence that I liked was “This might leave a reader feeling confused because they probably thinking about how the little kids get up to do grown ups chores, but they're not in school.”This stood out for me because it is true how can they do grown up chores and they do not go to school.

Thanks for writing.I look forward to seeing why you write next,Because your writing is very interesting about the things you say in your essay.