Dear teacher who gives me a research project in the future

Jul 24, 2014
by: amarston

Dear teacher who gives me a research project in the future:

I am proud to show you my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program. It shows my ability to receive the “Annotating Badge.” After looking at my work, I hope you see my good annotating skills I’ve developed throughout the program. While commenting to an article that I posted on NowComment, which I named “filthy rags,”

This badge is given to those with the ability to express my opinions, state the main idea and highlight on now comment. It’s also about summarizing, and publishing my work.

This badge is important for me because I never really felt strong about annotating, nor could I have ever concentrate when annotating. I think that this badge will hopefully give me some more encouragement and make me feel better about my work. It will also relieve some stress I held while trying to annotate this text. I had trouble trying to explain things clearly and trying to connect the article to my research.

Here are a list to some of my work

I struggled with both of them because it was difficult putting the text on a different site. I did not like the link because I preferred to make small comments on my thoughts rather than summarizing it into an essay. Even though it was difficult, it showed my ability to go through a challenge and finish it whilst succeeding because as you may know, I did finish the challenge. If I were to change it, I would just write one sentence about the whole idea of the text and do a free write on it.

I loved the first link, because it was easy to make comments and It felt more free than the second one because it breaks everything down by clicking the paragraph I wanted to comment on.

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope this shows you how much I have to say about my research project so I can be given the “Annotating badge.”