The definition of friend

Jun 14, 2009
by: XLiu

Friend is a word that is heard every single day, it’s something we can’t live without. There are no true meaning for this word, the definition found in the dictionary is “ supporter”, it is similar to what most of us think, but it’s far more than just a supporter. For each one of us, the meaning is a bit different, but all of us would agree that it stands for a positive meaning.

As of the personal definition I have for friend is, someone who’ll always be there to share your secret, your pain, understands you, and most of all, care for you. “Friends” who doesn’t care for you will not care about your opinion, nor your feeling. To stay with people who hurts other’s feeling, wouldn’t it be better off without them? “ Sharing is caring” wasn’t there a song like that? Friends who would not share their thought with you are no different than strangers. Friends should come clean and be honest toward each other.

A “friend that do not meet at least a few requirements above should not be consider a friend, because there are no connection between neither of you. The basic idea of a friend is a supporter.