Deforestation and the Animal Kingdom

Mar 17, 2009
by: Jillian
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Deforestation is a growing problem and has been growing for many years in the past.  From cutting down trees to killing plants, deforestation has many negative effects that need to be prevented.  One of the major issues with deforestation is the harming of animals.  Animal's habitats are being destroyed and as a result are dying off, leading to extinction. 

The World Wildlife Fund does a lot to help saves these animals that are the victims of human caused deforestation.  One major way is just informing people via the internet.

Over a millions species of plants and animals are known to live in the forests and millions more are not classified.

Effects of Deforestation

Through deforestation by humans, so many trees are cut down and countless plants are killed.  Although people may be benefiting by having convenient paper, furniture and other things made from the rainforests, millions of animals are suffering and dying.  Animals are forced to undergo change and try to adapt to the new environment that is a far reach from their natural habitat. 

100 species from the rainforest are killed each day due to deforestation!

WikiAnswers - How many animals are killed each year because of deforestation

Rainforests contain about 50% of the worlds wildlife population which is about 50,000 species.  Just to put it into perspective, just one rainforest in Peru is the home to more different kinds of birds than are found in the whole US.  This will most likely change is something isn't done and if people don't step up.  Many species have already become extinct due to deforestation.  Rainforests may contain so many possibilities for cures for different illnesses including cancer.  Humans need to explore these possibilities instead of diminishing them.  We are experiencing a biological loss that can effect humanity negatively in the future.  It is predicted that about half the worlds animals will be severely threatened within the next quarter of a century. 

One and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second.

Facts « Deforestation in the Amazon

There are many organizations to visit on the web to help this fighting cause.  Here are a few,,,,

You can also use wood sparingly, use an energy efficient stove, use less paper, and buy products that weren't made from rainforest products.

Deforestation also negatively impacts biodiversity. An estimated 70 percent of the planet's animals and plants reside in forests; if these habitats disappear, so will many of their residents. The Nature Conservancy reports that tropical rainforests occupy only 12 percent of the globe but contain over half of the world's known animal species and plants. If the rainforests continue to vanish at their current rate, they could be totally wiped out as functioning ecosystems within 100 years.

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Deforestation also effects the climate in numerous ways that I will blog about in another post.