Deforestation and Climate Change

Mar 25, 2009
by: Jillian

     Deforestation has many effects on our planet.  From the extinction of animal species to global climate change, derforestation is growing larger and larger.  One of the major effects that people need to be more aware of is the effects on the climate.  Such an astonishing amount of rainforests are destroyed each year.  It is said that 20 million hectares, roughly the size of England, is cut down and destroyed.  Through this distruction, millions of tons of carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere.  This is causing climate change happen drastically.

   " The Nature Conservancy is taking action. We’re incorporating innovative, market-oriented incentives for forest conservation and working with governments and industry to demonstrate the value of avoiding deforestation and its global consequences. "

Climate Change - Reducing Deforestation and Climate Change

    There may not seem to be incentives to stopping this because many people don't think the efeects will impact our own generation.  There is a huge need to do something though.  The Nature Conservatory is making this possible.  They are taking market oriented approaches by developing markets to find a way for forest ecosystems to have benefits and to provide services, working with other corperations, and finding a way to provide financial services to go towards managing forests.  Deforestation is the second largest contributor of carbon emissions but there aren't any treaties that address deforestation.  While the forests are so important for absorbing carbon in the atmosphere, people see the forests more important for timber, cropland, farmland and other means of industrialization.  Forests basically keep us alive by renewing the air we breath.  They also keep soil healthy.

   " Forests, quite simply, help sustain all life on Earth."

Forests - Forests 101

    Climate change is caused by the release of heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide.  Besides deforestation, it is also caused by the use of vehicles and industrialization.  These gases accumulate and form a thick layer that makes the planet heat up.  This heat changes the climate and the environment.  We can see seasons and temperatures changing around the world because of climate change.  Here is a list of some impacts that climate change will have,

    " * Impact: Higher temperatures

    * Impact: Changing landscapes

    * Impact: Wildlife at risk

    * Impact: Rising seas

    * Impact: Increased risk of drought, fire and floods

    * Impact: Stronger storms and increased storm damage

    * Impact: More heat-related illness and disease

    * Impact: Economic losses "

Climate Change - Impacts of climate change and global warming: Feel the heat

    The Nature Conservatory is also working to accumulate heat traping gases in the atmosphere to reduce the amount in the atmosphere  to  positively impact global climate change.  They want to get it across to people that if actions aren't done now, that weren't also done in the past, are just going to get worse and worse. These will be problems that future generations will have to deal with and they will be very difficult to defeat.  If things are done now, there is a good fighting chance that much positive difference will be made.

Here is a link to calculate your own carbon footprint.  Perhaps it will open our eyes to the very realy effects of climate change caused by