Deforestation and Climate Change

Apr 8, 2009
by: Jillian
The Earth is a delicate balance of many components including functional relationships between the atmosphere and its many gases with the water cycle, carbon cycle, greenhouse effect and global warming. In the water cycle, water evaporates, condenses into clouds and then falls again as rain. Tropical forests recycle 30% of the rain that falls back into the atmosphere.

With the destruction of the rainforest, the water cycle is disrupted and there is a dryer, hotter climate in the tropics.  According to a study done by Wang Hongchang, the average annual precipitation in deforested North and Northwest China decreased by one-third between 1959 and 1980. 
Tropical rainforests produce about 30% of our planets fresh water supply.  The trees in the rainforest contain more carbon than ten years worth of greenhouse gases.  Most deforestation is done with fire and as the mature wood burns, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and flows into rivers and streams.  The release of carbon dioxide in the carbon cycle increases the greenhouse effect.  This causes a gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature.  This leads to an increase in global warming.  These slight changes in temperature cause changes in the Earth’s weather patterns, sea levels and other life cycles that affect nature.  According to researchers from the UK Met Office’s Hadley Center, “the impacts of climate change on the Amazon are much worse than we thought.  As temperatures rise quickly over the coming century the damage to the forest won’t be obvious straight away, but we could storing up trouble for the future.”

Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of the world greenhouse gas emissions. Rainforests are a significant supplier of the world’s oxygen.  Forests in general use the process of photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.  Forests are necessary to extract carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air .  “Warming climate could decimate up to 85% of the Amazon rainforest by 2150."



i am also concerned about

Submitted by KenStein on Sat, 2013-04-27 14:35.

i am also concerned about global climate change because i think it is a very serious matter.

your posting stood out to me because you wrote about how deforestation impacts our climate. you were right to point out how this issue effects everyone everywhere. i mean like wow, i had to stop and think about it when you wrote, "Tropical rainforests produce about 30% of our planets fresh water supply."

i'm looking forward to what else you're going to write about this. i have questions about how measurements are taken and what predictions you and scientists are making about the impacts of deforestation.