Detox: System that connects all people by a red thread?

Feb 7, 2013

Is it a system that connects people and make them meet?

Some people talk about coincidences, while others believe in destiny. Is it special laws or a God that decide who will walk in and out of your life? I think it’s interesting to think about how it sometimes feels like you were meant to meet a specific person. And when you think about it you met all people in your life for the first time at one point. Sometimes you know right away that the person is going to be important to you, while other times you have no clue that this person that started out as a complete stranger, is going to have a huge impact on your life.
When you look back you can also think of all the people you lost on your way, and how people that use to be the most important people in your life, after a while go back to being strangers you have a lot of memories with. To me it’s very interesting how people impact you. How a person can come in to your life and change you completely. Or on the other hand how a person can leave you, and afterwards you’re changed forever.

I’ve watched a show called Touch that really made me think about this topic. It’s about a boy who can see connection between people through numbers, and in that way knows what has to be done for them to meet. I don’t know if this is based on a real theory or not, but it’s all put together so amazingly that I want to believe it is some facts behind it.

I really want to know if there are laws that make people connect. Laws that makes things happen so that two people meet. So that if something bad happen, like if you’re missing you’re plane or get into a fight with someone it’s a bigger meaning behind it. Because if those things happen to you, you wouldn’t be at the right place to the right time to “by a coincidence” to meet the person it’s written somewhere that you’re suppose to meet. I want to know if it is something called destiny, or if it’s all a piece of a bigger plan.