The Differences

May 25, 2015
by: ltramiel

The director of “A la place du coeur” decided to change the race of some of the characters. He turns Clementine who was African American in If Beale Street Could Talk, into a Caucasian women for Clementine. And also turns the family another ethnicity. It changes the whole message because society treats different races differently. In If Beale Street Could Talk, the Rivers and the Hunts were African American. In this movie, it is only the kids in what would be the Hunt's family that were African American.

The message is portrayed as Francois and his sister were bought by his parents. Later on, we realized the were adopted because Franck and his wife couldn’t make their own. The way each family treated each other was the same. The story was the same , the perspectives were different.

If Beale Street Could Talk was based off all African American stereotypes--the institutional prejudice, the oppression, etc. They used that story and all the messages and turned it into a new story telling about how it is with interracial couples as well. Interracial couples and the minority race get oppressed easily. The message is not so much different because the main characters were still treated the same.

Being apart of an interracial life is difficult in this situation, “Clim” had to deal with a life living with an African American. In the beginning of the movie, she said she was now known as the “nigger girl” and that it changed her life. Dealing with name-calling, discrimination, and the stress behind it all just because you love that individual is hard. She unfortunately had to go through but fortunately she knew that it was worth it.

I think the director made this decision to show the audience that even with different minorities or mixed minority situations, the outcome can be the same. It is not just against African Americans. The message of the director could be that the judgement of a minority can easily be shown against the “majority” , which would be the Caucasian race.


lauren, after reading this ,

Submitted by aywilliams on Fri, 2015-10-09 20:20.

lauren, after reading this , i don't think them changing race is such a bad thing. in the first couple of sentences i disagreed with the author but after reading the whole thing not so much. why cant a different race go through the same thing black people go through? Racism isnt just a problem through just blacks and whites.