Digital Citizinship

Apr 19, 2010
by: ValerieD

Well im a student at TYWLS of Astoria and in my technology class we made presentations about diffrent digital citizinships. My group got Digital Law. I learned that its the "rules" when using the internet. I researched about downloading illegal music. I agree that people should be able to download music from Limewire because the music is free and people say that we shouldnt because its illegal but i mean the public when buying the music, we might just want one song from the artist and we dont want to buy the cd because 1. the cds these days are expensive and 2. we sometimes just want 1 or 2 songs. And when we buy music from limewire, its not like its affecting the artist in any way. the artist does not get hurt or lose money in any way. the problem is that some people, young or old, are getting singled out for thier downloads. thats why some people are now more a aware when downloading music.